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Homeopathy Vs Allopathy

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Clinical Bacterial and Viral complaints are the end result of everything else being out of balance; and to only eradicate the bacteria or virus, is not getting to the cause of the disease! Although it usually gives a temporary relief, until the body is further run down and exposed to more bacteria or viruses. Don't you think that a better approach would be to strengthen the vital healing force so that when the body is exposed to bacteria etc, it does not become infected.

The Allopathic approach to curing Disease is to "Suppress" the symptoms of disease with strong chemical drugs, against the bodies own natural healing force. This is the opposite too, and against the Natural Healing Laws of Nature! When you suppress the symptoms of disease with strong chemical drugs, you are actually preventing the body's own natural healing force from working the way it naturally should.

By using strong chemical drugs you are just masking the symptoms, which gives temporary relief of the symptoms, but does not cure. This can be observed as, when the drugs are stopped the symptoms come back, in all their glory and sometimes in a much aggravated state, as well as a depressed feeling of well being. Now because you have used synthetic chemicals to force the body to act differently to it's natural function, over time you will further weaken the body's Vital Healing Force and Immune System to make the body more susceptible to further disease in all their various forms.

In contrast the Homeopathy system of medicine is built around the natural healing laws of nature, and believes if you have a disease you have an imbalance to the Vital Healing Force of your body. This Vital Healing Force is an energy force which is connected through meridians (channels) in the body. When this energy force goes out of balance, you then get "disease", in all their various forms, Genetic, Psychological, Emotional, Functional (Metabolic) and Clinical (Bacterial & Viral).

The patient is nowadays more enlightened than ever and has for a long time been no longer prepared to "swallow", in the truest sense of the word, every side effect.

Thus, in recent times there has even been a gratifying change in the prescribing habits of doctors in favour of natural, Homeopathic drugs. This may even be described as a world-wide renaissance of Homeopathic remedies , allowing prophylactic and therapeutic intervention in relation to the human organism in the form of holistic drug treatment , without having to take side effects into account.
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Research increasingly shows that the lifestyle choices that people make can have a major effect on how they cope and recover from illness . Right choices at every stage of your life is journey to better health. Why, when a group of people are exposed to the same common cold virus, do some individuals suffer a raging throat and streaming nose while others have mild symptoms or are totally unaffected? There are no simple answers to these questions: genes , environment and lifestyle all play a part - and each affects the other in its own ways.

While we have little control over some factors, such as our genes and environment there is much we can do to influence how our bodies respond, for example, to infection, trauma and potential allergens. We can also learn to deal with our emotions to protect our mental health.

According to Cancer Research UK, up to half of cancers could be prevented by lifestyle changes. Emerging research shows that the same kind of changes - avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, eating healthily and exercising - can also affect survival rates in people who have already developed the disease. And according to INTERHEART, (2004) study, as many as 90 per cent of first heart attacks could be prevented by lifestyle changes. Even people with genetic predisposition to a particular illness should not assume that the outcome is inevitable.

Families with history of heart disease once believed that nothing could be done to prevent successive generations succumbing to this condition, often dying prematurely. But today those with raised cholesterol can slash the chances of heart attack by taking appropriate medication, improving their diet and increasing the amount of exercise they take and they should take.

Disease prevention rightly commands massive attention. But until we can protect against every illness - an unlikely achievement - we need to continue to focus on boosting our chances of recovery. Doctors hold some of the keys to that process but many others are in our own hands - known collectively as the "four pillars of health".
  1. Attitude - Counts
  2. Diet - Repairs.
  3. Exercise - Strengthens.
  4. Sleep - Heals.

Further details on this will be posted in few days.
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