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3 yrs ago, I was very much disappointed on not getting any kind of medical solution for sinusitis for myself. I came to know about Dr. Rinkush Budhiraja from my neighbours and they had complete faith on his treatment for any kind of health issues, even for their 1 yr old kid. I enquired the details and finally went to consult Dr. Rinkush. He heard me very patiently which is least expected from doctors nowadays, checked my medical history and started his treatment. He was very transparent about the fact that cure would take a little long due to the condition of my health.

Time passed and I was regular in taking the treatment which got me rid of this sinusitis. I had been to 2-3 doctors before, but nobody was able to provide me even a temporary relief. After 1.5 yrs, I suffered from hormonal imbalance and started having issues like weight gain, pigmentation, etc. and again consulted Dr. Rinkush due to my complete faith on him. He continued the treatment for this as well and had shown me satisfactory results through my blood test reports. Things are back to normal now. I am really glad to have listened to my neighbours and consulted him 3 yrs ago. Now, whenever my son or me face any health problems, he is the only whom we consult with full faith and hope.
Thank you Doctor, you have been a great help !!

Thanks And Regards - Mithoo

Kaushal Sharma
Dr Rinkush you are admirable for your humanistic approach and sympathetic attitude apart from being professional.
I am in ur contact since 2010 and highly relieved in my or my son's diseases especially in my eye problem that was persisting again and again and was incurable by eye physicians.

Thanks And Regards - Kaushal Sharma

Rekha Motwani, Chhaya Motwani
Dr. Rinkush,
This testimonial is written in appreciation to Dr Rinkush for his professional caring and kindness. After a warm welcome into calm and comfortable surroundings, I felt completely at ease and fully able to discuss my problems with Dr Rinkush. The appointment was unrushed and a full history taken. Many questions were asked to assess my individual personality, therefore enabling Dr Rinkush to treat me as a ‘whole person’ and not just based on a presented problem.

The prescribed remedy, taken over a period of time, is duly doing its job and continues to do so. No more broken nights caused by sinus headaches, just waking up after a good night’s sleep leaving me feeling ready to deal with each day without the constant cycle of headaches and tiredness. I am eating well, enjoying hobbies again and have more energy. Thank you for your continuing support and help. I am very grateful and would not hesitate in recommending you.-----Chhaya

We are very pleased with the results we saw for my entire family after Dr Rinkush’s homeopathic treatment. My son's recurring tongue infections are history; he did not have any for the last one year. My husband's health has also improved. He is sleeping fine now and his gas problems have reduced. My health has improved. My skin problems got improved after taking homeopathic and natural remedy.Our general health has improved a lot. We are very thankful to you.

Thanks And Regards - Rekha Motwani, Chhaya Motwani - 9999476780

I am thankful to you for the excellent and accurate treatment for Uterine Fibroids of my wife who was advised for surgery by the Allopathic Dr. Now she is quite well. I appreciate him for his kind & tender care for his patients & wish him success in life.

Thanks And Regards - S.K.Khurana - Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi

Samyak Jain
I Am Samyak Jain is thankful to Dr.Rinkush uncle to make me recover soon when I was suffering badly from cough & cold. I tried many doctors & medicines but didn't get relief. I was even on the stage of taking steroieds & nebulizer. Then my father's friend told him about Dr.Rinkunsh uncle. Then we contacted Dr.Rinkush uncle. He gave me medicine & then I recovered soon.

Thank You uncle - Samyak Jain

ER. Ranjiv Jain
I came across Dr. Rinkush Budhiraja when my son was suffering badly due to bad throat,sinisitus, fever etc. etc. I went for allopathic treatment for him from Child specialist first but could not get any releif. Then I consulted a renowned ENT specialist and followed his treatment. I had gone for various tests and got him C.T. scanned even at the age of 7 years but of no avail.At last, I opted for homeopathy treatment. After meeting Dr.Rinkush Budhiraja, I was assured that my son will be treated but it may take sometime. He was perfectly allright almost after 3 months. Now whenever he or even any of the member of our family is sick or do not feel well,we go for his treatment. He has answers for all the treatments.

Thanks And Regards - ER. Ranjiv Jain

Tarun Sharma
Hi Dr. Rinkush,
If you remember me, I am Tarun Sharma, Chartered Accountant by profession. I was suffering from Sinusitis from last so many years. I was taking a tablet daily to keep my sinus away. If I forget to take the medicine even for 1 day I keep on sneezing and sometimes got the fever as well. Also, any change in weather, dust and rain makes my life hell.

One fine day, I consulted you and the disucssed my problem. You immediately told me to stop medicine and gave me Homoepathic medicine and asked me take care of certain food habits only for the initial period. During the first few weeks, all my nazal which was deposited in my body due to the tablet I took earlier started coming out. It was tiring but after a couple weeks I felt very light and comfortable.

After that for the next 6-7 months I regularly took your medicine and reported every change to you. I also brought necessary changes in my eating habits for that period only . Now, I am absolutely perfect with no fear of dust, rain and all other stuff. Now I eat and drink everything without any fear of sneezes and fever.

Thanks so much for making my life healthy and curing the sinus.

Thanks And Regards - Tarun Sharma

Ajay Grover
Hi Dr. Rinkush,
I still remember the day when I had interaction with you about 8-10 years ago. During this period, I recall those days/meetings which have established not only good relationship (patient-Doctor) between you and me but also as a true friend in my life.

I, alongwith my family members even my relatives, in-laws and neighbors are getting treatment for various diseases with entire contentment. Some of them were relying Allopathic and Ayurvedic mode of treatment, but after consulting Dr.Rinkush, they have now conviction in Homeopathic treatment and that is only because of your compassionate attitude, good counseling skills and maintenance of good doctor-patient relationship.

I would like to place on record without any hesitation, that Dr.Rinkush Budhiraja is regarded as one of the best homeopathic doctor available within the terrain of North-West Delhi.

Thanks And Regards - Ajay Grover

Shashi Gupta
Hi Dr. Rinkush,
I am Shashi Gupta 45yrs/F, my skin got infected from the use of hair colour. Symptoms were severe headache, itching and swelling on face, scalp. As a result my skin got very sesitive and nothing suited to my skin, even shampoos, soap, heena mehandi, other daily cosmetics, and even coconut oil was also unbearable, which do not suited to my skin, I have taken plenty of medicines from numerous Skin specialists but nothing worked. At last one of my friend suggested me to go for Homeopathic treatment and recommended me Dr.Rinkush Budhiraja.

I visited him and explained him everything about my skin allergy. He started my treatment and guided how to take care and precautions for skin allergy, and i am very thankfulto him as now my skin allergy has recovered compleately because of his treatment and hummble support.

Thanks And Regards - Shashi Gupta - 09211642741.

Vijay Bagri
I would like to record my appreciation for Dr. Rinkush Budhiraja. I, along with my family, has been getting treatments from him for the last fourteen years for various diseases and we are very satisfied with his diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of good doctor-patient relationship. He is a good counselor and listens to his patients carefully. He is empathetic and highly knowledgeable in his subject.

I had a severe sinus problem and got treatment from different doctors and was never fully cured. Finally, I visited Dr. Budhiraja and within two months treatment, I was fully cured. Apart from that, my daughter was treated for corns and my son got rid of his tonsils from Dr. Budhiraja’s treatment.

I recommended several other patients for Dr. Budhiraja and they all are also satisfied with the treatment. He is a caring, soft- spoken and a responsible doctor. He has a pleasing personality. His patients speak highly about him. I count him one of the best homeopathic doctors.

Thanks And Regards - Vijay Bagri - EU 16 D, Pitam Pura, Delhi 110034

I have been under treatment from Dr. Rinkush Budhiraja since 2002.Initially I had a lot of breathing problems. I could not travel for a long time. Using antibiotics and treatment using nebulizer led to asthmatic problems. I could never enjoy any outdoor activity. Then one of my friends suggested me to visit Dr. Budhiraja. Under his treatment, my problems were solved effectively.

I no longer require to undergo frequent nebulizer treatments. My immunity has increased. I am no longer easily susceptible to cold and other infections. My gyaenocological problems have also been treated by Mrs. Budhiraja. The plus point of the homeopathic treatment is that it has no side effects. Antibiotics cause mood swings, anger, increased perspiration, vomiting etc. However, homeopathic treatment does not have any such effects and the problem is solved easily and effectively.

I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Budhiraja for their proper diagnosis and treatment.

Thanks And Regards - V.Sangeetha

Bhrigu Goswami
I was suffering with bronchitis and sinusitus from the last 16 years. I always use to take steroids in the form of inhalers, nebulizers and tablets which deteriorated my health and reduced my bone density level. Then I met my doctor mr budhiraja and with these natural herbs he treated my severe condition.I especially appreciate the straight-forward way in which he communicated the severity of my condition. It's never easy to hear what he had to tell me about diet and the need for medication, but he handled the situation with care and grace.

I know I haven't always been the most cooperative patient, but his patience has not gone unnoticed. My recently improved health is a credit to his expertise and attentiveness.
I will be certain to continue to recommend him to everyone I know…..

Thanks And Regards - Bhrigu Goswami
Mansi Mittal
I want to express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care given to me. After years of colitis ulcer problem, fear of going outside due to this problem, unable to eat normal food, many doctor told it was life time problem. However some one recommended Dr. Rinkush Budhiraja at shalimar bagh So i made an appointment. I have utmost confidenec in Dr. Rinkush Budhiraja - he took time to explain about colitis ulcer problem and answer all my question I could think of and was very supportive and helpful. I have started my treatment in september 2014 and its janurary, inowfull grand.. Seriously, now i can roam anywhere, eat everything without thinking much. Can't thank him enough and i suggest everyone who suffer from these kind of problem please do visit once..... :) :)

Thanks And Regards - Mansi Mittal
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